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Lesson 7 Report design view
Objective Describe the features of report design view.

Access Report Design View

Remember everything you learned about form design view? Well, you will put it to good use, because you can use all those skills to edit reports, too. There is an important difference between editing reports and editing forms, though: you cannot edit a report at all fromReport view, you need to do it all in Design view. First, let us have a look at a report in both Report and Design view. You will see how similar report design view is to Form Design view. The image below is an example of a simple report showing projects by company.

Access Design
Access Design consisting of Company and Project Description

View the diagram below to see the Design view for the same report and learn about its features.
Design view for the same report and learn about its features.
Location 1 View: Design
Location 2 Save – Save your report design frequently
Location 3 Field List – Displays the list of fields available for the report
Location 4 Toolbox – Displays or hides the Toolbox
Location 5 Sorting and Grouping – Displays the Sorting and Grouping dialog box
Location 6 AutoFormat – Displays the AutoFormat dialog box
Location 7 Section dividers

The next lesson is a review of editing in the Design view.