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Lesson 6 Create a form using a wizard
Objective Create a form with the Form Wizard.

Create Form using Access Wizard

While an AutoForm might meet your needs, chances are that you would like to be able to pick and choose the fields that appear on your form and perhaps even include fields from more than one table (although of course the AutoForm also includes all fields from the subdatasheet table).
The Form Wizard is a great way to get started with any form, especially when an AutoForm just does not meet your needs. The Form Wizard enables you to select fields from multiple tables and queries, and choose a formatting scheme.
The following Simulation takes you through the creation of a form with the Form Wizard.

Create Form using Form Wizard
Although the Form Wizard is powerful, you will probably find that the wizard does not create a form exactly as you want it. While I strongly recommend using the Form Wizard or an AutoForm to get started with your form, you will want to learn how to edit that form to create exactly the form you want.
Meet the Form Design view in the next lesson.

Create Form using Wizard - Exercise

Use the Form Wizard to create a form in this exercise.
Create Form using Wizard - Exercise