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Lesson 8 Editing a query design
Objective Edit a query design.

Editing Query Design

You may find that the query you first design does not meet your requirements. Fortunately, queries are easy to edit if you know how.

Adding or deleting Access Table

You can add a table to a query by redisplaying the Show Table dialog box and adding the new table. Click the Show Table button
Access Show
Show Table Dialog Box
to display the Show Table dialog box.

Moving tables

You can move tables boxes around the table pane in the same way that you can move table boxes in the Relationships window--just click the title bar of the box and drag the table to where you want it to appear.

Adding a field

You can add a field to the query in the same way that you originally added fields. Just double-click the field name in the top pane. Alternatively, you can click and drag the field to exactly where you want to put it in the query grid--all the fields to the right of the new field will move one column to the right to make space.

Changing column width

You can change the width of any column in the design grid using the same method you learned to change column widths in Datasheet view.
Changing Column Width Datasheet View
Move the pointer to the right side of the column selector--the gray box at the top of the column--then click and drag the column divider until the column is the right size.

Moving columns

Moving a column in the query design grid is similar to moving a column in a datasheet. First select the column by clicking the column selector, the gray box at the top of the column--then click the column selector again and drag the column to its new position.

Deleting columns

To delete a column from the query design grid first select the column by clicking the column selector, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.
Learn about limiting the results of your query by using criteria.

Editing Query Design - Exercise

Edit your Project Hours query in this exercise.
Editing Query Design - Exercise