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Lesson 11 Add controls in Form Design view
Objective Add a bound control to a form using the form design view.

Add Controls in Form Design View

One failing of the Form Wizard is that once it has created the form, you cannot use it to edit the same form. Instead, you have to either start from scratch with the wizard or edit the form you have in Design view. One edit you are likely to need is to add (or delete) a control.

Adding a control

To add a control you first must display the field list by clicking the Field List button
Field List Button

on the Form Design view toolbar. This SlideShow takes you through the process of adding a field to a form.

Add Controls in Design View
The added field often does not appear exactly as you want it. Use the moving and resizing skills you learned in the previous lessons to align the new controls with those already on the form.

Deleting a control

To delete a control, select it and click the Delete key on the keyboard. If you select the label in a paired control, only the label will be deleted. If you select the bound field contents control, both controls in the pair will be deleted.
Delete with care, Access does not ask you to confirm the deletion, although you can undo your last action by using Ctrl-Z, Undo.
In the next lesson, learn to use the toolbox to add controls.