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Access Form Views

So far you have seen two views for forms: 1) form view and 2) form design view. There is actually a third view:

Form Datasheet view.

In Datasheet view you see all the data that can be displayed in the form in a datasheet. This allows you to see many records at once in a tabular format. If you are creating a form from a query or a filtered table, you may find this view useful. It allows you to see that the correct records are included.
To see a form in datasheet view, display the form, click the down arrow next to the View button and choose Datasheet View.

Switch Between Datasheet Views

In MS Access 2007, I want to switch between datasheet and form views, without filtering, and remain on the current record.
Should I use a bookmark ?
How might I place a button on the ribbon to switch views, without having to search for the record or use a filter.
I need this to run Access 2007 Runtime beause it will be implemented on a non-licensed computer. I tried the "GroupViews" and "ViewsModeMenu" options in the ribbon but they do not work at Runtime.
In addition, any ribbon options that change the view also re-query to the first record in the dataset, instead of retaining the current record.
You are far better off to build a, "Access Continuous Form" with a button that the user clicks on to launch a details form.
Trying to control how and what the "Continuous Form" displays as opposed to a form that allows the user to view/edit/print/verify and simply control the user interface in a reasoned fashion suggests that you are better off to launch another form.
Not only does this solve a host of problems, but it in only one or 2 lines of code, and you do not loose your spot in the "Continuous Form" to allow the user to launch.
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