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Apply Filters Sorts to Database - Exercise

Apply filters and sorts to your Project Database

Objective: Apply filters and sorts to your project database.
This exercise is worth 5 points. The exercise is auto-scored, which means that all you have to do to receive credit for it is click the Submit button below. Now that you have learned how to apply sorts and filters to your data, how about trying the following tasks in your Consulting database. If you completed the exercises in the Building a Database class, you can use the Consulting database you created during that course. If you do not have that database, download the Consulting_02.mdb database and use it as the basis for all the exercises in this course. That database can be downloaded from the Resources page.
Open the Consulting.mdb database, and try the following tasks:
  1. Find your one client in Casa Grande.
  2. Find the earliest start date in the Projects table.
  3. Find projects for Lizard Web, Inc.
  4. Find projects for Network Consultants that are not complete.
  5. Find projects due in 2000 that have a start date in 1999.

Take note of how you solve these tasks. I will share how I approached the tasks in the Results page.