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Lesson 8 Editing and adding controls in Report Design view
Objective Edit and add controls in Report Design view.

Editing Adding Controls in Report Design View

Access Control Types
Adding and editing controls in Report Design view works exactly the same as adding and editing controls in Form Design view.
Here is a brief review:
  1. Selecting controls: Select a control by clicking it or by drawing (clicking and dragging) a rectangle that includes it. Selected controls display with handles.
  2. Select multiple controls: Select multiple controls by drawing a rectangle that includes them all or by selecting the first and then Shift-clicking additional controls.
  3. Moving controls: Move a control by selecting it then clicking and dragging when you see the pointer become a hand. An open hand moves both paired controls, a hand with one finger out moves just the control it’s over (position the pointer over the top left handle).
  4. Resizing controls: Resize a control by clicking and dragging a handle until the outline is the size you want.
  5. Aligning controls: Align multiple controls by first selecting the control you want to align to and then selecting the controls you want to move. Right-click any selected control and choose Align from the shortcut menu and then Left, Right, Top or Bottom of the edge of the control that you want to align.
  6. Adding controls: Add controls to the design by using the Field List or the Toolbox. You can click and drag a field from the field list to the report (this adds two controls: 1) a label and a 2) text box). Alternatively, select the type of control you want to add from the toolbox, then click and drag to create a rectangle on the report design.
  7. Edit control contents: Display a cursor in the control contents by selecting the control and then clicking the contents or pressing F2. When the edits are complete, press Enter.
  8. Formatting controls: To change the text formatting, select the control(s) and use the Formatting toolbar to select formatting. Use the Format Painter to copy formatting from one control to another.
Learn about the four types of report sections.

Editing Add Controls - Exercise

In this exercise, edit the Hours by Project report in Design view.
Editing Add Controls - Exercise