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Using Query Design view

Elements of Query Design view

The elements of the Query Design view

1st button View Datasheet button
2nd button Save button: Saves the query design
10th button Query Type button
11th button Show Table button: Displays Show Table dialog box so that you can add tables to the query
12th button Totals button: Displays or hides Total line in grid
Tables pane Displays tables and their fields for use in the query
Bottom Pane Query by Design grid: Do the query here
Pane divider You can click and drag the pane divider to change the size of the panes.
Field row Shows fields used in the query
Table row Lists the table each field is from
Total row Allows you to group and summarize query results
Sort Allows you to choose a sort order for the query
Criteria Specify criteria in this row
Or Specify "or" criteria in this row