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Form Datasheet view

In Datasheet view you see all the data that can be displayed in the form in a datasheet which allows you to see many records at once in a tabular format. If you are creating a form from a query or a filtered table, you may find this view useful. It allows you to see that the correct records are included. To see a form in datasheet view, display the form, click the down arrow next to the View button and choose Datasheet View.
The Datasheet View shows the records in an Access table. In addition, each row is one record and the columns are the fields from the table's definition. This table contains the characteristics of a spreadsheet, but it does not function like an Excel spreadsheet.

Access Datasheet View

Using Datasheet views

Now that you know how to work with List Details views in your web browser, let us explore how to use Datasheet views within your web browser. Datasheet views displayed in your web browser function very much like table and query preview datasheets displayed in Access.
If you have cleared the Read-Only view property for a Datasheet view (cleared by default), you can create new records, make changes to the data, and delete records within the browser window. To create a new record in a Datasheet view, you can click the Add Action Bar button or scroll to the bottom of the Datasheet view window until you see the new record line, and then enter your data on the new datasheet record.
To delete a record, you can click the Delete Action Bar button or right-click the row selector on the left side of the Datasheet view, and then click Delete on the shortcut menu to remove the record. You can also use

to delete the current or selected record in a datasheet. If you attempt to delete a record in a Datasheet view, Access Services first prompts you with a message to confirm the deletion.