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Creating Calculated Control in Access - Exercise

Objective: Add two calculated controls to the Monthly Hours by Project report.
This exercise is worth 5 points. The exercise is auto-scored, which means that all you have to do to receive credit for it is click the Submit button below.


  1. Open the Monthly Hours by Project report in Design view.
  2. Move the Sum of Hours Worked label and text box to the left so that you have room for another column.
  3. Create a label and text box for Billable. In the Billable text box put the following expression:
  4. =[Sum of Hours Worked]*50
  5. Now create an aggregate equation and put it in the Project Description Header section. This equation will calculate how much you earned on each project.
  6. Create a text box on the same line as the Project Description controls. Type in the label Total Earned. In the text box, type this expression:
  7. =Sum([Sum of Hours Worked]*50)
  8. The result of this expression is the sum of the other expression you created for one project.