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Creating Mailing Labels from Client List - Exercise

Objective: Create mailing labels from the Clients list.
This exercise is worth 5 points. The exercise is auto-scored, which means that all you have to do to receive credit for it is click the Submit button below.


You have just created a new brochure, and you want to send it to all your clients.
Use the Label Wizard to create mailing labels using the fields in the Clients table. You can choose the Avery 5163 labels, or a label that you actually use in your office.


  1. Start the Label wizard by using the New button in the Reports view of the database window. Choose Clients as the table to base the labels on.
  2. Select the manufacturer, Unit of Measure and Label Type for your label. If you’re using Avery 5163, select English for the unit of measure, Sheet feed for the label type, and Avery for the manufacturer.
  3. Change the text appearance as you like. Remember that if your label is small, you should stick with a smaller font size.
  4. Put the fields onto the prototype label with the necessary spaces and punctuation. Just double-click the field names and then use the keyboard to enter spaces and punctuation before adding the next field. End a line by pressing Enter.
  5. Sort the labels by Last Name.
  6. Use the name, Labels Clients, which Access suggests, and create the report.