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Editing and Adding Controls in Report Design View - Exercise

Use design view to edit a report

Objective:Edit the Hours By Project report in Design view.
This exercise is worth 5 points. The exercise is auto-scored, which means that all you have to do to receive credit for it is click the Submt button below.


Although the Report Wizard did a good job creating the Hours by Project report, there are some things about it that could be better.


Before you begin making changes, open the report in Design view and save it as Hours by Project2. Then you will have the original to go back to if needed.Make the following changes in Design view:
  1. Delete the Company label (not the text box). Move the Company text box to the left edge of the design. Add bold to the current formatting of the Company text box.
  2. Delete the Project Description label (not the text box). Move the Project Description text box so that it starts about .5 inches from the left edge of the design. Format the text box in bold and change the font size to 11 points.
  3. Add the Project ID field to the report by dragging it from the Field List. Put the new pair of controls to the right of the Project Description, and on the same line. Shorten the Project ID text box so that it is just big enough to display the Project ID number.
  4. Look at the Report view to see the effect of your changes so far. Notice what the controls in the Project ID Footer section produce:
    Summary for ProjectID
    Summary for ProjectID = 2( 8 detail records)
    Although the Sum, the second line, is useful, the first line is not.
  5. Return to design view. Delete the first control in the Project ID Footer. Move the remaining pair of controls up to the top of the Project ID Footer section.
  6. Check your results in Design view, make any additional changes that are necessary, and save your work.