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Navigating Access Report View - Exercise

Create and Navigate Access Report

Objective: Create a report with the Report Wizard, and view it in the Report view.
This exercise is worth 5 points. The exercise is auto-scored, which means that all you have to do to receive credit for it is click the Submit button below.


In this exercise, you will get the chance to create a complex report using the Report Wizard. The report will contain project and hours information, with a calculation of the total hours spent on each project.


  1. Start the Report Wizard.
  2. Select the following fields from the Projects table:
    1. Company
    2. Project Description
  1. Select the following fields from the Hours table:
    1. Date
    2. Hours Worked
  1. Group the report by Projects (that is, by the Projects table).
  2. Add Company as an additional grouping level.
  3. Sort the detail records in descending order by Date.
  4. Use the Summary Options dialog box to Sum the values in Hours Worked.
  5. Choose a layout for your report.
  6. Choose a style for your report.
  7. Name the report Hours by Project and preview the report.
  8. Look at different parts of the report. Note how projects are grouped, and the calculations that Access does at the end of each project, company, and at the end of the report.